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El Salvador | 200 g

This honey processed lot of the pacamara variety was grown by Marta Yaneth Lemus on Finca San Antonio in Chalatenago, El Salvador. The relatively short, 24 hour fermentation period, produces a pleasantly sweet cup, yet maintains the coffee's subtle, yet juicy acidity. This coffee bridges the gap between washed and naturally processed coffees, showcasing the best qualities of both processes. In other words, it’s a crowd pleaser and for good reason.

El Salvador | 200 g

Grind Size
  • Country: El Salvador

    Processing: Honey

    Region: Chalatenango 

    Altitude: 1500 MASL

    Variety: Pacamara

    Cupping Notes: Dark Chocolate, Berry, Citrus  

  • Shipping to Haifa: 15 NIS

    Shipping to the rest of Israel: 25 NIS

    Free shipping above 300 NIS


    We don't accept returns on roasted coffee. However, if you have a serious issue please feel free to contact us by email at naimayafo49[@]

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