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Naima Specialty Coffee


Naima is a cafe and roastery located in downtown Haifa. We opened our doors in 2021 with the goal of creating an inclusive hub for exploring the rapidly growing world of specialty coffee.

Haifa has a long-standing coffee culture and we’re proud to contribute to it. We take an innovative and exciting approach to sourcing, roasting and brewing with the objective of offering seasonal, vibrant and fruit forward coffees both at our online store and at our cafe. 

Our approach to coffee

begins with the simple understanding that a coffee bean is actually the seed of a fruit.

We believe that our coffees are only as good as the fruit that they come from. Therefore, we strive to source the highest quality green coffees that are sustainably and transparently grown and processed. Moreover, we source our coffees seasonally and roast them as close to harvest as possible in order to maintain their bright, juicy and aromatic qualities. 


We apply this same attention to detail to roasting and brewing.

We are constantly cupping our coffees in order to refine our roast profiles and produce the most delicious interpretations of each coffee we offer. At our cafe, we are always honing our recipes in order to serve our customers the most delicious espresso-based drinks, V60s and AeroPresses.

Brew Guides


AeroPress Brew Guide


This guide is heavily indebted to the Tim Wendelboe method, which in our eyes is the simplest and one of the best!


Necessary Equipment: AeroPress, paper filter, scale, timer, kettle


Brew Ratio: 14 grams of coffee to 200 grams of purified water at 92C

Grind Size: medium (6/10)

Total Brew Time: 1:30



  • Place your filter paper inside the Aeropress filter holder and screw onto the brewing chamber.

  • Place the Aeropress onto a mug/decanter and put them on your scale. 

  • Add your ground coffee into the brewing chamber and tare your scale. 

  • Start your timer and pour the total amount of water as quickly as possible. 

  • After pouring the water, stir back and forth 5 times and immediately place the plunger inside the brewing chamber and pull out slightly to create a vacuum seal. 

  • When the timer shows 60 second gently pull out the plunger, stir 5 times back and forth and place the plunger back in the chamber. 

  • Remove the whole unit from your scale and gently press for 30 seconds all the way down. 

  • Stir your brewed coffee, or pour into a different cup, and enjoy.



V60 Brew Guide


Necessary Equipment: Hario V60, scale, timer, kettle


Brew Ratio: 13 grams of coffee to 210 grams of purified water at 92C

Grind Size: medium/coarse (7/10)

Total Brew time: 2:30



  • Place your V60 on a cup and put your paper filter inside the brewer.

  • Rinse the filter with hot water in order to remove its papery flavor and preheat the brewer.

  • Move the v60 onto a drinking cup/decanter and pour your ground coffee into the center, give it a light shake in order to flatten the coffee bed.

  • Tare your scale and start your timer.

  • Pour 70g of the brewing water, aiming to pour about 35g in a circular pour and the remaining 35g as a steady center pour. All 70g should be poured within 10 seconds.

  • The circular part of the pour is meant to evenly saturate the coffee grounds as quickly as possible, and the center pour will help speed up the brew, resulting in a balanced, clean and flavorful cup.

  • When the timer reaches 30 seconds, repeat the same pouring structure with the same amount of water. Do this again when the timer reaches 1 minute.

  • After the third pour, gently swirl the V60 brewer in order to encourage the coffee grounds at the top of the brewer to sink to the bottom. This swirl creates an even bed of coffee.

  • Make sure to swirl gently. An aggressive swirl might cause fine coffee grounds to clog the paper filter and slow your brew.

  • The final drawdown should be at 2:30.

  • Stir your brewed coffee, or pour into a different cup, and enjoy.


F-press-min (1).gif

French Press Brew Guide


Necessary Equipment: french press, scale, timer, kettle


Brew Ratio: 22 grams of coffee to 300 grams of purified water at 92C

Grind Size: coarse 

Total Brew Time: 4:30



  • Place your french press on a scale and pour the ground coffee into it. 

  • Pour 300 grams of water on the grounds. 

  • Let the coffee steep for 4 minutes. 

  • Gently stir the coffee and scrape off the remains of the crust with a spoon. 

  • Put on the lid and slowly plunge.

  • Pour your coffee and enjoy.



Moka Pot Brew Guide


Necessary Equipment: moka pot, scale, timer, kettle


Brew Ratio: 20 grams of coffee: 200 grams of purified boiling water 

Grind Size: medium 

Brew time: 2:00



  • Pour 200 grams of boiling water into your moka pot. 

  • Add your ground coffee into the moka pot basket and place it in the base.

  • Screw the top part of the moka pot onto its base, use a towel to hold the base (it’s hot).

  • Put your moka pot over a low flame on the stove and wait for the coffee to start dripping out. 

  • Coffee should start to come out at around 1:20 seconds.​

  • When the flow seems to speed up (this is just before the final burst of liquid) turn off the flame in order to stop the brewing process.

  • We prefer to dilute coffee brewed in a moka pot and drink it americano style. Pour yourself a cup, and enjoy.

A few more tips:

  • This recipe is based on a “4 cup” Ilsa Slancio moka pot, different moka pots and different sizes will need slightly different recipes, but we recommend keeping the same process and ratios.

  • Although we recommend using weighted ratios, in the mokapot’s case you are limited with the amount of coffee you can put inside your device's basket, which should be filled all the way to the top, or as close as possible, without tamping. Because of that you should increase or decrease the weight of your dose when using different coffees or different roast levels (the darker the roast the less the coffee will weigh).

  • Try stirring the ground coffee inside the basket with a needle of some sort, that will help declump the coffee and encourage a more even extraction.

  • Try adding an aeropress filter above the coffee bed in order to get a cleaner cup, the paper filter will help the moka pot’s mesh filter to keep the finer grinds out of your brewed coffee.

  • If you notice that turning off the flame doesn't stop the big liquid eruption fast enough and you get an over extracted cup of coffee, try removing the moka pot from the stove next time, and if that's still not enough, try quickly rinsing the base of the moka pot with cold water, this is the quickest way to stop the brewing process.



Espresso Brew Guide


Necessary Equipment: espresso machine, espresso grinder, filtered water, scale, timer

Brew Ratio: 17 grams of coffee to 34 grams of espresso brewed with 92C water 

Grind Size: fine (2-3/10)

Brew time: 30 seconds



  • Using a 17 gram basket, grind 17 grams of coffee into your portafilter. 

  • Distribute your grinds evenly and tamp on a level surface. 

  • Aim to extract 34 grams of brewed espresso in 30 seconds, and adjust your grind size accordingly (finer if the shot ran too fast and coarser if it ran too slow). 

  • Stir your espresso and let it sit for approximately 30 seconds, enjoy.


A few more tips:

  • This is the basic guideline recipe at our shop, but we constantly change it to suit different coffees, freshness, roast profiles, etc.

  • On top of that your taste might differ from ours, so feel free to experiment with higher or lower ratios, although we usually stick with a 1:2 ratio.

  • If your coffee is fresh (anything less than 10 days) we would recommend using a smaller dose of coffee (for example 16g in a 17g basket). When using a fresh coffee, a lot of gasses from the roasting process are escaping from the beans. This causes channeling during the brewing process. Using a smaller dose helps decrease the channeling until your coffee is sufficiently aged.

  • When using a well aged coffee (4 weeks or more) we recommend grinding finer or sometimes even increasing your dose (start with 0.5 grams). A well aged coffee that has properly degassed will handle a higher extraction.



These recipes are a starting point. Feel free to experiment, that’s when the fun begins!

For more brewing tools and coffee visit our Shop section.

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